Grace Presbyterian Church

Growth Groups

These are times of informal sharing of God’s word – allowing for questions and contributions from everyone. They are also opportunities where people can care, support and pray for one another in a smaller group context.

At present, we are studying the book of Acts. It resumes the story of Jesus’ work on earth from where the Gospel of Luke ends. It is the story of God’s grace flooding out to the world. Acts is a historical account of how the resurrection of Jesus changes everything through the birth of the early church. The gospel expands not through human strength but through the power of God over significant barriers of geography, ethnicity, culture, language, gender, wealth, persecutions, weaknesses, suffering, sickness, and imprisonments. Acts makes clear that no one is beyond the scope of God’s saving power, nor is anyone exempt from the need for God’s redeeming grace. So Acts serves as a great encouragement and motivation in the present pandemic to keep serving a great and merciful God.

Please consult the weekly church bulletin or contact the church office for time and venue details of our growth groups.