Church Planting

By God’s grace, we are involved in the planting of new congregations.


  •   The Vine Church is a community of people in Burgundy Estate who love and worship Jesus. They want to share their lives together as God’s people, meeting in one another’s homes, sharing meals together and generally “doing life” as a community. On Thursdays, they meet in homes in Burgundy Estate and on Sundays they meet with us at Grace Presbyterian Church, Monte Vista. Feel free to join them at any of their meetings.

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  • Union Chapel  – Hope City Presbyterian Church was planted in Cape Town in May 2013. It conducted its first service, renting premises from the Gereformeerde Kerk Kaapstad. Over the ensuing years, Hope City worshipped in several different locations before coming to an agreement in late 2019 to rent the Stephenson Hall from the Cape Town Union Congregational Church. In September 2021, combined worship services began between Hope City Presbyterian Church and Cape Town Union Congregational Church. After much prayer and discussion, and a meeting of hearts and minds, the two congregations voted unanimously to merge. On 15 May 2022 the merger was formalised, and the church was renamed The Union Chapel. It reconstituted itself as a Presbyterian Church, returning to its original roots.