Explore God

We all have questions. Exploration is at the core of the human condition. We’re made to be curious, and we’re made to connect in some way with the creator of all this. The question is: who is this creator, and how can we connect?

Actually, that’s just two of many questions we are trying to figure out. Because we all have questions, we decided to create discussion groups, designed to create a relaxed and informal environment where group members can seek credible answers to challenging spiritual questions. The goal of these discussion groups is to invite questions, create authentic conversation, promote experiential learning and inspire self discovery. We want you to feel that you have the space, the environment, and the community to ask the questions most pressing for you.

These groups run for 7 weeks discussing topics like “Does Life Have a Purpose?”, “Is There a God?”, and “Can I Know God Personally?”, among others. Each session includes some informal discussion around the topic for that evening, utilizing the great video resources created by exploreGod.com. Still curious? Want more information about the discussion groups? Please email us on info@gracepresby.co.za and we’ll get right back to you.

Interested in finding more resources to help you as you to try to navigate some of life’s big questions? Well, then check out the great resources at exploreGod.com